In the media!

I made it in the Sunday mirror paper and daily mail online.

The reason I want to get my story out there is to let people know there are other options but also to say that you know your own body, you know when something is wrong so if a dr says nothing is wrong, if your not happy be persistent, keeping going back until you get your answers. In my experience drs try to treatment symptoms rather than treating the cause of the issues.

Cancer survivors, please make sure you have regular scans, if the nhs tell you it’s not needed like in my case get it done privately, £320 but could save your life!

Leigh xxxx

Round 2!!! Back in Germany

So, back in Germany, a full day of treatment, still not finished as have hyperthermia later, had a scan and everything is the same as last time but with softer tissue, so still smaller than in march. As far as I’m concerned that’s good news, as long as it’s not getting bigger I’m happy. Meeting with dr weber tomorrow to discuss trying some additional medication to speed things up a bit.


So I have been here for 3 weeks and I am getting up at 3am to fly back to the uk. It’s been a very busy few weeks and time has gone so quickly, treatment hasn’t been easy at times but much easier then chemotherapy and radiotherapy and also so far relativity successful, the tumour has shrunk and with the medication should continue to do so back home. I get a scan in the uk in 3-4 weeks then plan my next visit back her depending on those results, looking likely to be early August. Leigh xxxx

Fund raising update

Today anthony reed cycled almost 90 miles and raised a massive £940 for the Leigh Naylor fund. Well done.

natalie reed and Laura parks raised £280 at their avon party last week, well done ladies.

Kirsty newsome held a coffee morning in Tiverton today, raising over £550, she adds this to the £1,700 raised at the midnight walk last week. thank you to everyone who helped out and who attended both events.

well done everyone, all your support means a lot!

We have lots more event going on, get in touch if you want to attend any or put any on.


Some photos

Below are some photos….

Wrist bands ordered by mother, my view from the clinic grounds, me having magnetic field therapy and me having oxygen and bio mat therapy!

Wrist bands ordered by mother
Wrist bands ordered by mother

My view in the clinic grounds
My view in the clinic grounds 
Me having magnetic field therapy
Me having magnetic field therapy
Me having oxygen and bio mat therapy
Me having oxygen and bio mat therapy