About Leigh

Hello, my name is Leigh Naylor, I’m 32 and live in North Yorkshire, originally from Tiverton, Devon. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, I had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachy therapy treatment and got the all clear in April 2010. I was so happy and decided I wanted to give as much back as possible, I started raising money, volunteering and running my own events for cancer research uk. Every year since diagnosis I have taken part in the race for life as a runner (well walker), I have spoken on stage about my experience, I have also been a Marshall. I have climbed snowdon, organised a number of ann summers parties, a LK Bennett fashion show and well as collections at local¬†Supermarkets. All this has enabled me to give something back and thank those who helped me in my time of need. To date I have helped raise ¬£20,387.75.

Last week at a check up I got the news the cancer has returned, I was so close to getting to my 5 year mark, I was ready to start the fight again to be told they can’t do anything else for me, I have 9-12 months to live, which could be extended to 18 months with aggressive chemotherapy treatment. I wasn’t going to take that, so along with a group of friends I got looking online, I have found clinics around the world that offer treatments that aren’t available in this country, treatments that could potentially save my life, but of course this comes at a cost, which I can’t afford to finance myself!

We aren’t entirely sure how much the treatment will cost yet but we are looking at ¬£25,000+, depending on success, any help you could provide would be much appreciated. We are mainly focusing on clinics in Germany where they do hyperthermia treatment, which has had some good success rates. They also focus on your body as a whole, building the immune system to help you fight the disease.

I will make you a promise, for any donations you provide I will fight with everything I have and i won’t give up. If I am successfully treated I will continue with my fund raising and do anything I can to help other people who find themselves in my position. Any monies left over will be donated to cancer research uk to help find a cure for cancer.

If you have any questions about me, my experience or the treatments I might be having please do not hesitate to contact me, I am happy to answer any questions you have.

Much love,

Leigh xxx